UVM-Lingua provides translations from and into more than 100 languages including all European, Arabic and Asian languages.

With a large team of professional translators worldwide who work to recognised quality requirements, we are able to meet the very highest demands.

Areas of expertise

Human language allows a variety of options of different translations and interpretations of certain expressions. In order to ensure the highest quality of technical translation, UVM-Lingua only employ professional and highly qualified linguists. These translate into their own native language. In addition all our translators are linguistics specialised in particular industries and areas of expertise:

  • Technical
  • Industrial
  • Business & Economics
  • Medical & Pharmaceuticals
  • IT & Software
  1. Consumer goods
  2. Legal
  3. Chemicals
  4. Marketing & PR
  5. Finance
  6. And many more...

With the industry-specific terminology and the correct terminology of a Department, UVM-Lingua provides linguistically and technically flawless translations of:

Business documents,

e.g. Correspondence, reports, patents, Terms of Use, protocols, etc …

Technical documents,

e.g. training documents, user manuals, etc…

Quality, Environmental and Safety documentation,

e.g. quality handbook, work instructions, etc…

Medical documents,

e.g.  Literature, reports, package inserts, etc. …

Marketing material,

e.g. Catalogues, flyers and brochures, advertising texts, presentations, websites, etc…

Private documents und papers,

e.g. C.V.‘s, application documents, contracts, etc…


UVM-Lingua translation means uncompromising quality. We ensure this with the use of specialised translators and proofreaders, and applying our consistent quality management. Each order is accompanied by one of our project managers, where each translation step is guided by quality control. This gives the customer and our project manager constant transparency and ensures customer satisfaction.

Language Localisation

Our UVM-Lingua translators and proofreaders ensure that your translation corresponds to the linguistic and cultural needs of your target market.


UVM-Lingua offer a proofreading service for each translation project.


UVM-Lingua conducts business under strict confidentiality, data protection and maintaining our business in an ethically correct manner at all times.


Our rates are highly competitive and negotiable depending on the amount of work and length of the project.

Please ask us to give you a quote.
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